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The Tools For Programming Languages


I’m always interested in all kinds of programming languages.

There are common kinds of tools used by different programming languages, they are mostly in several common categories: version managers, packagers managers, testing framework, web framework, etc.

We will always need to use them when begin to work this a programming language. So keep in mind, try to find out these similar things when you starting learning a new programming language. You will master any programming language in this way.

The Hardest Programming Languages

Let’s summarize it as a check-sheet:

Programming Language Name Version Manager Package Manager
JavaScript nvm npm
Java jenv maven, gradle
C++ update-alternatives C++: vcpkg
C# VisualStudio or manully config it NuGet
Python pyenv pip
Golang gvm Go Modules
Ruby rvm gem
PHP phpenv Composer
Rust rustup cargo
OCaml opam opam
Lua luaver luarocks

There is another CLI tool named asdf, you can use it to manage multiple runtime versions.

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