Coder's Cat

Dear Reader:

I’m Nic, I’ve been working as a programmer for almost ten years.

I love programming and have a passion for it. Writing is my current pursuit.

To improve my writing, I try to write one post every day.

I know it's hard ...

To practice writing, I may write some random things.

If I don't find a topic, I will write a LeetCode solution instead 😋

Most posts on this site will be related to these topics:

Core knowledge and skills in programming.

Data structures and algorithms, System, Networking, Programming language.

How to learn programming quickly and efficiently

Learn by teaching. I try to explain the knowledge in plain words and illustrations.

The career and life of programmers

What I learned in my career. How to grow a career as a software engineer.


My story on writing. What I learned and my tips for practicing English writing.

I’m glad if any of my pieces could help you.

Want to say Hi? 😍