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My Favorite Tech Blogs


Today I want to share some of my favorites tech blogs. I have followed these sites for many years, and I think they are worth your time.

The criteria I recommend are:

  1. Continuous updates for many years
  2. High quality and some articles have inspired me deeply

I remember I found this blog when I tried to finish all the SICP exercises in 2008. There are almost all the answers to SICP exercises with detailed explanations!

What is commendable is that the author Eli Bendersky has always insisted on writing his technical experience, and this blog is continuously updated. The quality of the content is very high, with both theory and code. For instance, he wrote the Raft series: Implementing Raft: Part 0-Introduction, which is simply a model of technical writing.

This blog is maintained by an Italian developer, and the content is mostly on front-end and web development.

I admire this blog because he keeps blogging almost every day! What he wrote may not be in depth, but it is useful to many people. I used SEO tools to read the data of this website, and the organic traffic brought by Google is very high.

I recommend everyone who want to start with writing to read these two articles:

Every developer should have a blog. Here’s why, and how to stick with it

I wrote 1 blog post every day for 2 years. Here’s 5 things I learned about SEO

This blog covering a wide range of fields. This author deeply inspired me to learn programming by understanding internal principles: Get better at programming by learning how things work . Of course there are many other technical articles such as: Diving into concurrency: trying out mutexes and atomics

And the author has made a lot of fancy e-books: wizard zines

He wrote a book on programming language implementation in 6 years, with the spirit of craftsmanship: Crafting “Crafting Interpreters”

All the pictures here are drawn by hand, all details on font, color, alignment, etc., all these details are almost perfect, and the final book is an artwork. A technical book can be so beautiful!

The content involves development, personal growth, etc.
Among them, the concept of Learn In Public ( touched me a lot, and there are many awesome podcasts on this blog.

That all for today, if you like it please tell me, I actually have more to share with you. 🙌

See you!

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