LeetCode: Remove Nth Node From End of List

LeetCode: Remove Nth Node From End of List 1

Leetcode Problem

Given a linked list, remove the n-th node from the end of list and return its head.


Given linked list: 1->2->3->4->5, and n = 2.

After removing the second node from the end, the linked list becomes 1->2->3->5.

Note: Given n will always be valid.


First, we need to get the length of the link list, the time complexity will be \(O(N)\), we can not avoid this step, so this is also the best time complexity.

Given the length of link list, remove the n-th node will be easy if we find the node at pos length-n.

Note a dummy node will make the code cleaner.


class Solution {
  ListNode* removeNthFromEnd(ListNode* head, int n) {
    ListNode* dummy = new ListNode(0);
    dummy->next = head;
    ListNode* cur = head;
    int len = 0;
    while(cur) {
      cur = cur->next;
    len -= n;
    cur = dummy;
    while(len > 0) {
      cur = cur->next;
    cur->next = cur->next->next;
    return dummy->next;

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